Leanne Davies


Leanne Davies ( born 1999 ) is a fine art photographer from Bedfordshire in the UK. She is currently undertaking a BA in Photography from The University of Gloucestershire. She works with analogue equipment and alternative processing. Her practice centers around environmentalism and social activism. 

Exhibtions and Publications

December 2019- Little Originals Exhibition Dundee

January 2020- A5 Magazine feature

January 2020-  "Environmental Crisis:Art and Science" London

February 2020- A5 Magazine feature

February 2020- Sustain(ability) Garden Studio Oxstalls

March 2020- Murze Magazine feature "Wellbeing" Issue 11

Dates TBC- The Clunker , travelling exhibition 

April 2020- Under the Bridge Zine feature

May 2020- Quaranzine IIII Feature

August 2020- Flea Circus Volume One Feature


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