Leanne Davies (born 1999) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Bedfordshire. Leanne’s work has been published in a range of publications and shown in several group exhibitions. Her most recent body of work ”Restless Things” explores the theme of connection and aims to show how we suffer when we lack it. The mixed media body of work is comprised of a variety of photography, paintings, archival imagery and collage.  From the adage “connection is the key to happiness” the work explores themes of isolation, disconnect and the importance of connecting with others to reaffirm our existence. 

Exhibtions and Publications

December 2019- Little Originals Exhibition Dundee

January 2020- A5 Magazine feature

January 2020-  "Environmental Crisis:Art and Science" London

February 2020- A5 Magazine feature

February 2020- Sustain(ability) Garden Studio Oxstalls

March 2020- Murze Magazine feature "Wellbeing" Issue 11

Dates TBC- The Clunker , travelling exhibition 

April 2020- Under the Bridge Zine feature

May 2020- Quaranzine IIII Feature

August 2020- Flea Circus Volume One Feature

October 2020- Carlos Alba Bubble Club Residency dates TBC


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